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Wanlip Village


2021 Village Calendar

Wanlip 2021 calendar is available to order

The  2021 calendar is a celebration of Wanlip and Watermead through a collection of photographs taken by villagers.  It is the first village calendar and we hope that you will enjoy it throughout 2021. 

The calendar is being produced by the Village Meeting with all proceeds going towards purchasing history boards for the village.  These are a great way of ensuring that the history, events and communities that have lived here are remembered and celebrated by us and villagers to come.

A calendar costs £6.50 and  payment is ideally either by cheque or bank transfer.  If you would like to purchase one or more calendars please contact:  

Claire  at  amc.myles@gmail.com


The content of this website has been produced for the community of Wanlip Village to provide a space for sharing information about events and activities within the village and to present our village to the outside world   . Local Events  Photographs of Wanlip, Old Maps , Parish Council Minutes,  The History of Wanlip, Wanlip  Hall, Slavery and Wanlip.