St Nicholas and Our Lady Wanlip

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The village of Wanlip lies just to the west of the River Soar and King Lear’s Lake at Watermead Park. It was once an isolated settlement, and its old English name ‘anliepe’ means isolated. The Parish Church of Our Lady & St Nicholas lies in the centre of the small village and is a fine late 14th century church.

The church was built in 1393, and it contains a famous relic, the Wanlip brass, which commemorates the building of the church by Sir Thomas and Lady Katherine Walsh. Following the marriage of Roger Walsh to Maud, daughter of Henry of Wanlip, circa 1230, until the death of Thomas Walsh in 1893, eight generations of the Walsh family lived at Wanlip. The brass contains the inscription,

“Here lyes Thomas Walsch knyght lorde of Anlep and dame Kat’ine his wife whiche in yer (their) tyme made the kirke of Anlep and halud the kirkyerd first in wirchip of god and of oure lady and seynt Nicholas that god have yer soules and mercy… 1393."