Keeping Secure

Leicestershire Police have given the following advice for protecting your home and belongings from Burglars.

  1. Keep doors and windows locked at all times - even if you pop outside to the garden or go upstairs
  2. Always lock doors behind you and remove the key from the lock
  3. Keep valuables, bags, cash and keys out of sight and keep them in a safe place
  4. Don't leave the packaging from expensive items outside your house - take them to be recycled or put them in the bin
  5. Install a visible alarm system and security lighting to act as a deterrent
  6. Prevent easy access to the back and sides of your home with locked gates or fencing
  7. Make sure your home looks occupied by using automatic timer switches to turn on a light when it gets dark, even if you are just out for a couple of hours
  8. If you are going away, don't advertise it on social media
  9. Ask a neighbour or relative if they could collect post and open and close curtains while you are away
  10. Register your belongings with

Computers and Mobile Devices

Keep up to date!

Whatever devices, operating systems, software or apps you use, always ensure you are running the most up to date versions. Updates include security patches to fix vulnerabilities! If you can, select ‘Auto Update’.


Make sure you have up to date antivirus installed and running for all devices you use to access the internet and email – make sure you are always running the most up to date. If you can, select ‘Auto Update’.


You need to have a different password for everything you log in to.  Make sure you're using #ThreeRandomWords to create a strong, separate password for each account.

iTunes Scams

NO legitimate debt can be paid in iTunes vouchers - #HangUp on that call

Useful Websites