Villagers Pictures

Village Pictures

The following pictures have been provided by members of the community of Wanlip village and its environs.  If you would like to share your pictures please send them to the webmaster through the Contact details page and where ever possible they will be added in the following sections.

Festival of Flowers at Our Lady and St Nicholas Church - This Festival of Flowers is one of many events the church will be running over the next year or so to raise funds for the repair of the two churches. St James the Great in Birstall and Our Lady and St Nicholas here in Wanlip. 

FoF 1
FoF 10
FoF 3
FoF 13
FoF 9
FoF 12
FoF 5
FoF 6
FoF 11
FoF 7
FoF 8
FoF 4a
FoF 4
FoF 2

Festival of Flowers

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